W.t.F(uture) can we do for you?

Wandering the Future has a main goal to unfold tomorrow today, to help companies understand what is coming towards them and to be bring them ahead of that disruptive change. Needless to say that we work from without a personal approach that looks into each and every client individually, to set up the best possible future fitting project. That means no project, or approach is the same, but to give you a slight idea from what could be part of an innovation process, below and oversight of or most used products, tools and methods.

Can’t find what you are looking for, but still intrigued by learning more about the Future and how this knowledge could be translated into feasible strategies for you? Get in touch and we’ll figure out together, what your perfect future route needs.


Those who wait for the Future will always be late. There is no such thing as “The Future”, because it isn’t a thing. It is an on-going process of disruptive change and shifting mindsets better known as trends, which needs a very precise and specific approach to be understood and use for the better. That is exactly what WTF can do for and with you, with a.o. the following products and services:

* Trend Research Report
* Interactive Trend Talk
* Trendpolaroid Workshop
* Evidence Wall’ing

Knowledge regarding the Future is of indispensable importance, but what good is that knowledge if you do not have the capability to translate these insights into innovative ideas for change? WTF has a diverse range of tools and methods that you can use or learn everything about to translate trends into innovation and implement them in your daily activities or future strategies. Some of these tools, a.o. are:

* Future Journey
* Radical Innovation Workshop
* Tools for Change
* Strategic Innovation Route

Ideas alone won’t change the world, ideation is all about forming this ideas into to-do’s and imagine how they can really look like in reality. Ideation is all about just-doing it, WTF is here to support you to bring your best ideas and strategies to live to simply making them come to live with a.o. tools like:

* Creative Concepting Sessions
* Braindumping
* Ideation Proto-typing

W.t.F(riends) of WtF

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

– Helen Keller –

Of course, that’s also the case for Wandering the Future. Therefore we believe in building a network of partners in crime around us. With these friends we work together, we laugh together and we help each other.

We are always happy to make new friends, just drop us a line!