W(ho).t.F is WtF

WtF is a an ambitious, “wild at heart” trend and innovation agency founded by world-wandering trend expert and innovative concept designer, Cécile Cremer. Out of a creative mind, infinite wanderlust and a huge passion for the coming, Wandering the Future arose.

Cécile Cremer graduated at the Academy for Creative Industries. She was one of the first five graduates in Europe with a recognized bachelor in international trend research and innovation concept designing.

After her graduation she grounded Wandering the Future as the overarching umbrella for her activities as an international trend researcher and innovation concept designer. Cécile is a little obsessed with the Future and she aspire to be the voice of the ever-changing needs of the intercultural consumer by being a creative innovator supporting brands, meeting these future demands.

Cécile her speciality is not to inspire people regarding the future, but to make them understand the underlying needs and the value shifts that drive change and hand them the tools to translate these findings into actions. Therewith she has a very unique approach to trend research.

Moreover, Wandering the Future believes that people come before anything else, and it is from that point of view our activities are carried out. The main pursuit is unfolding tomorrow today, to help companies understand and act on the future and its needs.

The method WtF uses can be divided into three leading phases:

Analysis Phase

Where trends and insights are conducted.

Ideation Phase

where findings are translated into feasible and inspiring products, strategies or services.

Realization Phase

Where bold ideas come to life!