Disruptive changes on life assurances

In an ever-changing world, human beings change their lifestyle more often as well. More flexibility is a key characteristic but also taking away some security of the known patterns and lifestyle. Changing something means taking a risk and it is unsure if it is getting better or worse! What characteristics and skills does it take to survive in a less secure World ?

How much security do we want in life and how much do we actually need? According to the Malow’s hierarchy of needs, Safety is the second layer of needs, right after physical needs such as air, water and food and before love and belonging.

Less safety, more flexibility.

Employees are changing jobs more frequently and the number of freelancers is going to rise up to 50% in the upcoming years. Which means the income of half of the workforce will be relatively unknown. Outdated will be the thought or requirement of a regular job as a safety for landlords for example.  Hard and good work will be the only safety we have and that is quite tough isn’t it.

Different characteristics and skilsl will be essential for this kind of work arrangement and it is not only the dream status of: “ „Work how you want, when you want and for whom you want.“With new business models and shifting values of more individuality and a rising desire to express creativity, the typical freelance jobs are rising, but what does it take to be a freelancer.

Being a freelancer can be heaven and hell at the same time. Those who choose for it appreciate their independence and flexibility to decide for free time and diversification of tasks and projects they can choose to take on, but they need to hope that the workforce they can deliver will be required. Being a freelancer requires some extra qualities compared to being employed. Flexibility, hard work, self-discipline, passion, ability to reflect and set goals, initiative to catch opportunities and job, responsibility and organizational skills are some of the most required skills when working for oneself.

Being a freelancer and having an own business with the knowledge that achievement is in your own hands is not the goal of everyone, even though the number is rising there is a parallel stream of employees forced to become unemployed or work on a freelance base for their company with less safety. With a more unsecure economy, more companies force employees to become some sort of freelancer, it is more flexible for the company and less dangerous. This is exactly the point of losing security in workforce for what used to be an employee with the safety of a regular income, securing rights and insurances. The forced ones are not the ones that hold the skills such as organizing and self-discipline. Surely the government is in charge if it comes to creating more safety and insurance around this topic, but we also need to create a mindset that is stable to work hard and adjust to the new forms of workforce.


With a more unsecure job the whole lifestyle is changing. As flexibility is ruling the world, ownership becomes a status symbol of the past. We have fully entered the time of a sharing economy.Sharing and renting over buying and owning.  Not to own is more flexible, less stressful and requires less responsibility. The definition and feeling of safety is shifting and every individual can try to adjust to it, by developing more independency skills and embracing the freedom of flexibility in a sharing economy. Yet it is hard to understand that ” we all have an expiry date and so those things you think your own, are only on loan to you while your two feet are on the ground .After that, they become someone else’s. That’s what we young people have figured out, and that’s why ownership is no longer popular.”

Safety in the future is shifting and we need to feel comfortable with less safety and stability but feel secure with being flexible and seeing opportunities in freedom and the opportunities to change our lifestyle whenever we need or want.