Technology is making live more convenient, time efficient, provides more opportunities to communicate and constantly provides us with information. We could not imagine a world without technology, it has become a natural essence of our lifestyle and there is no way we can or want to delete it. This revolution is blurring the lines of humanity and technology. Besides all improvements and advantages, technology is also causing problems.

An average user, is spending 3 to 4 hours per day on the phone. Add that up to the time spend in front of a laptop at work and we have more digital in our life than non-digital! Those devices are only the most conscious ones, as smart homes arise on a daily base and more technology is moving into our houses. We are constantly surounded with technological gadgets, from our smart watches to our high-tech cars.

Too much technology can cause addiction, stress, distraction, physical and psychological issues and sometimes we even unlearn to communicate face to face if we communicate to much via technological channels. More than 60 percent of the users are facing health problems caused by the use of technology!

Help seems on its way, guess how we try to solve problems caused by technology? Exactly: through technology! Isn’t that strange fighting fire with fire. Innovators, are flooding the market with tech gadgets that aim to calm users down. Smart bands measuring someones stress level, helping users to recognize stress. Trackball mouses for an all-day comfortable usage of a computer mouse. Preventing fatigue and physical pain in the arm. Vibrating remotes, aiming to calm us down, when we feel too stresses, which is becoming a case more often when we are always available.

A lack of focus is one of the most common effects of technology. Just checking the phone for a simple message distracts us for 20 minutes after checking and stops us from unleashing our full potential.On the other hand there are tons of Apps, trying to guide you, track time you are on or off your phone, list your tasks and help you to become more productive. Health improving smart glasses, that aim to destress the wearer. Technology is also used to improve well-being and unconsciously we surround ourselves with more and more technology, driven by the desire to unleash our full potential with the adaption of technology.

How can we become the best version of ourselves, delivering the best performance while staying calm in a stressful always on world? It seems like creating and using technological innovations is the only answer we know. So in fact we are trying to solve our problems with what caused problems in the first way? Isn’t that weird? The question is, is this the only way we know how to fix problems or is there an alternative solution.

No or at least not always! We can and we do get out of that cycle, at least sometimes. There is the Contra trend of Digital  Detox. The conscious time out from technology is forced by the desire to get away from technology, back to nature, redirecting the focus without any distraction of a constant information flow, permanent availability, noises or irritating screen lights. Pushing the power down button, helps to refocus and calm down, in an always on world. Experience the real world, don’t miss on that, don’t miss out on real conversations right in front of you.

Technology in the future

Using technological gadgets consciously could help prevent ourselves from negative impact but having a conscious relationship with something that is becoming a natural part of live is hard to be honest. We are going to live with technology anyways so lets embrace the advantages coming with it and try to get conscious about its risk. It is all about the balance. If you feel like technology is too much for you, think about taking mini breaks from it, it may be hard but it is worth it.

So if you feel like it, you may turn your digital device off now, after sharing your thoughts on this with us first of course!