The diversity of choices is heaven and hell at the same time. You must have experience this dilemma yourself many times before, standing in front of the amazingly full shelfs  in the supermarket. We have more and more choices every day, may it be at the supermarket, at a store or our holiday destination. We don’t know about you but we always struggle with making the right choices, sometimes it can takes hours to make decisions and we are still in doubt afterwards.

We are influenced by people, online or offline, smarter marketing and even due to unconscious influences. We as consumers have power, while spending money. Making consumer decisions puts pressure on us. The factors that influence our shopping behavior are both conscious and unconscious.

In order to make a smart, satisfying decision, we as consumers must define our core values. What matters to us and what do we want to achieve. In fact, 77% Of people want to learn how to live more sustainably according to Forbes.

The currently developing application INOQO , can help you with making better choices as it has the vision to enable consumers to create a positive impact on biodiversity, climate and ones personal health, by providing more transparency in the market. At the same time, the are unconsiously “forcing” corporations to look into their products and production processes, to create the most sustainable businesses.

In a lot of cases the negative impact of products on environment is hidden. Consumers need guidance , help and information about products before purchasing to truly be able to make good choices. The trend of transparency is already on the rise and it is necessary for the decision making process. We need to recognize our power as consumers. Not only the big companies have power to save the world and its climate, but everyone who makes purchasing decisions.

The challenge

The challenge of an environmental conscious lifestyle is the lack of knowledge and transparency. Which means that the consumer needs do research and put in effort, but we also know that chances are hard to get into someones routine. In order to create more transparency and spread knowledge INOQO is informing about the latest findings.


How is the concept beating the challenge

First of all the consumer creates a profile, so that the application knows the consumers values and habits. Based on your requirements, habits and social as well as environmental preferences the application defines personalized guidelines.

The next step is to track your shopping list in the application. This is done through a passive tracking technology. Let’s be honest the most annoying thing about grocery tracking is checking every single product. We all know it takes motivation to keep on with a habit, that is why the application is presenting you the impact you made on biodiversity, social justice and your personal well-being, with your shopping.

Tracking, helps to recognize development and helps consumers to improve their lifestyle, health or physical conditions. Does the concept have future proof potential? Will we actually be able to include the App usage in our regular behavior? We guess so, at least for us it helps to know that our decisions are creating an positive impact. Since tracking, may it be steps, calories or any other indicator, has made its way into our lifestyle, it became a routine for many people. This fact combined with  the rising desire and consciousness to have a positive impact on the environment it is very likely to succeed.

We are living in a World that is in urgent need of good decisions, if we keep on using our innovative minds, to create tools for better choices, we can achieve a better Tomorrow together.