‘What is your footprint?’. We all know we are not talking about the bottom of our shoes, but about the impact you leave on this World with the products you buy and the choices you make. With this knowledge also comes the increase of awareness of our individual impact on our World. The demand for ethical brands and good choices increases.

Pass It On 2.0: Plantable candles is a brand that helps you make a good choice and do your part. PassItOn plantable candles pay tribute to iconic destinations that are endangered due to climate change such as; a.o. Great Barrier Reef, the Alps or the Taj Mahal.

The Candles are made of sustainable materials and are designed to encourage users to give the candles a second life by repurposing them as planting pots. Moreover for every candle they sell they donate 10 trees to our World.

We can almost hear you thinking, “this isn’t the most innovative product we’ve seen here”. That is fully true but what it does is reflect current Zeitgeist. Namely a time where consumers are becoming more aware about the impact of their purchases on the World, a time where they search for alternatives and where products such as PassItOn become marktleaders. ethicalbrands innovation bethechange futures

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