Covid-19 has set the World alight. The Pandemic, better known as the Corona virus, concerns all of us. Our physical, social and also economic health is severely affected by this rampant. We are all touched by it, and although we should definitely not forget the pain and sorrow it costs so many of us, I am also grateful for how this crisis has accelerated my professional purpose.

There is no undo button, there is only hoping we can learn, we can change and we can do better. We cannot take back what we’ve done, or how we did it, but we can see this as a new beginning to realise that we aren’t always fully aware of the Future, of the wildcards that have a major impact on our shared tomorrow. We cannot relate on the Future as something that is just happening to us, but we should start seeing it as a consequence of the choices we make every single day.

We cannot undo the past, because the Future keeps coming at us.

This is not about wagging fingers, or playing the blame game. If we dare to be courageous we can claim that we all have our fair share in our current situation. We all fully enjoyed the benefits of our Globalizing World, the fact that the World was literally within the palm of our hands. Feeding on the Convenience and Abundance our current society offered us. We all ate exotic foods whenever we wanted, we all stepped in airplanes all to be all over the World. We all wanted more, better and faster on a regular base and you know, it is fine, it is the way society worked around us. But we shouldn’t forget that we shaped that society, just like we shape the Future with the choices we make.

But to make the right choices, you should be aware that Tomorrow is fully makeable today. It is an on-going process that needs a very precise and specific approach to be understood and used for the better. That is where I come in as well, what we have seen lately is that companies were not prepared for what is happened today, but they could have been. Let’s be honest, most of us weren’t prepaired for a situation where our whole World went on lockdown. However, we’ve could have all been some sort of prepared if we would be a bit more aware of the impact we as individuals, but also as a society have on our environment. Especially in our Western World we have escaped several epidemics before, but did we really think it would pass us every single time?

Again, it isn’t about who is to blame, or who did right and who did wrong. This situation is only reality right now and we can take it to learn from and to become better. Losers have an excuse, winners always have a plan B. Exactly where my business purpose comes in, namely to help companies explore and translate the Future by transforming it into nowadays business solutions that are sustainable for the long-term. However, sustainable for the long-term doesn’t mean they are static, they should be transformative and adaptable at any time. Just like you should always have a plan B, even when you are using your original plan B.

This is a time where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Where it becomes clear which companies had a plan B, or which companies are transformative, flexible and creative enough to use current Zeitgeist to innovate their core business. Of course it is a personal drama if your company doesn’t survive the crisis, and naturally not all companies are on an equal footing regarding the impact of the crisis on their business due to regulations. But for a fair share of companies, not surviving this crisis, is not due to this situation alone, it is mainly because they were not Future proof, didn’t have a plan B, or where to focus on earning money in the now instead of being transformative to changing times.

I’m not preaching to the converted, you shouldn’t necessarily come to me to make sure next time you have a Plan B, or to become more transformative, critical and adaptable to change every single day of business. I just wish for you that you’ve know realise that Future Research, exploring the Future, scenario planning possible paths is not glass globe thinking but it is the difference between a long-term succesful and healthy business, or a short-term temporary money-maker. I’d love for you to find the advice and support you as a client need to be prepared for any kind of change from today on.

That the World will now drastically change for the better, is something I do not believe from a historical research perspective, as well as from a personal vision. People remain people, and if one thing is for sure, it is the fact that change is the hardest thing in life both personal as professional. It would be naïve to think after this crisis we have all seen Utopia and we will change our behaviour, our wants and needs to the fullest. It is more likely that as soon as restrictions are being lifted, that we somehow relapse in the order of the day. But let us not be too gloomy or negative about the situation as I also believe we at least became a bit more aware of our behaviour. Especially from a business perspective we’ve all experienced that change is necessary in any kind of way.

What strikes me most in this situation is that we made a serious shift in annoyances about everyday life. The irritation at a red traffic light, or a hole that you pull into your tights in the morning running to that appointment suddenly seems so exaggerated. While the chagrin about how we ended up in this situation, due to our over-consumption, mass tourism and “we want it all” attitude, is increasing. A great time for reflection, but also for cleaning up, literally and figuratively.

The most important question is; “What would you’ve done differently if you’d know what was coming for you?” What is even more important than that question is, that you should ask some sort of question on a regular base in your business, to always be prepared for our ever-changing World. Whenever you are at lost with all the exponential changes of our Zeitgeist, don’t hesitate and just ask us, or any other professional for help.