In times of a worldwide crisis everyone is facing problems. Problems that haven’t been there before but new Problems demand new solutions. For most Branches the Corona Pandemic is a big loss, since the normal social live is massively restricted and almost all entertainment and gastronomy businesses had to close.

It feels like the only parties profiting in those times are supermarkets and online streaming services.
Actually the sales at supermarkets increased so much that the regular workers cant manage
the rush.The German managers of Aldi and Mc Donald’s saw an opportunity In this situation. They
created a staff partnership. Mc Donald’s staff can now easily switch to working at the
supermarket, to keep busy and safe their income. (Zeit, 2020)

While many workers from Mc Donald’s have to stay at home because their job got cancelled, new jobs were created at the discounter, driven by the panicking customers buying more than ever. Not just the food industry is adjusting to the situation. Almost all sectors are becoming more flexible and try to adjust to the current circumstances.

As a result of the rising need for disinfectants, liquor producers worldwide like Jägermeister
and even the biggest brewery company in the world Anheuser-Busch adjusted their
production process in different locations and switched to producing alcohol for disinfectants.
(Reuters , 2020)

Even the laws for the production of disinfection products were simplified to
pave the way for cross sectoral producers. (baua, 2020) The products will be delivered to hospitals and pharmacies, that are running low due to an increase in demand and thievery crimes. Furthermore some breweries are donating millions of bottles of alcohol free beer, to health sector workers, the new heroes of our time. It seems like our society is becoming more empathic and social.

As always consumer demands are regulating the market and companies are adjusting to it.
We are curious if we will be able to keep the flexibility after this crisis times. Will we become
more flexible in changing behaviours through this pandemic situation? Can we keep on
using our skills to different needs and by that create a more efficient society? What do you think?