There is not enough education around technological developments and the pace this is disruptively changing our society, environment and ourselves. To bring humans closer to technology we need to reduce the gap between the two. A good way to do that would to give people the chance to try technology and familiarize themselves with the options technology offers.

Now Toyota Motor Corporationis building a smart city in Japan where residents will test out tech like AI, robotics, and smart homes. This City of the Future, will host residents that will live in smart homes with in-home robotics and artificial intelligence systems to assist with daily living and monitor health. Only self-driving, zero-emissions vehicles will be allowed to drive on the main roads. The development is expected to be fully sustainable, powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

“The CityoftheFuture will function as a testing ground for technologies” Would you consider living here to get a better understanding what Technology could do for you? Moreover, do you believe this is a good form to bring technology and humanity closer to each other?