Did you never use a product and think, why did they not make this more efficient? Especially products that you use on a daily base? For example shampoo, or concealer, more than half of the product ends up in the trash because you can simply not reach it. Not only annoying, but more over, not very sustainable either.

What about toothpaste? Also a great example of a product that could become way smarter, but also more efficient with its double packaging. For every issue there is an innovation, and so now there is a new product on the market named COOLPASTE.

The academic project, by Allan Gomes for the Federal University of Minas Gerais, started with eleminating the paper box, as he rightly noted this was superfluous. This simple alteration made the product more efficient and reduced the waste right away. Moreover the product will be not only be recyclable but also biodegradable.

If you think about it, how many products are there that should really Ethic¬†up and become more Sustainable. Because this society doesn’t need more products, it need more Dematerialisation, more Greenification but above all more Humans that really think about their Heritage and creating a BetterTomorrow.

What product would you want to redevelop for a better tomorrow?