Modular futures rethinks the space as well as the function, both physically and in business model. Just because we have always done it one way, does not mean this is the only way or the best way. The Future of space is cross-sectoral combining, being flexible and finding creative solutions to issues beyond space only.

Humanity is looking for real encounters again. They realize more and more that humans in this current zeitgeist are often lonely. SOCIALSPACE is the perfect supplier of social moments by creating the right atmosphere for people to get together. For example stores will become more than just a place you go shopping. In order to attract consumers, these spaces have to be meeting places, where people feel comfortable to get together. Retail space becomes Social Space. Mixed use is a keyword in achieving this.

Companies that understood this trend perfectly:
Apple stores turn into gathering places in “top cities around the world” . They will be called ‘Town Squares’ from now on and become new “gathering places”.

Children’s store becomes playground SUPERMOMENTS, a children’s apparel retailer, has a store that doubles as a playground for children.