Did you know our World suffers more from prosperity diseases than it does from illness caused by poverty? A serious threat to society, especially in the Western World, is obesity. Not only our food is often unhealthy we also tend to overeat. Our oversized portions do not fit our bodies needs.

Although lots of these results can best be changed by changing human behaviour, or forcing brands to take responsibility, perception also has its part in it. For example the size of a plate is of influence of how much you will eat, the bigger the plate, the bigger the portion you will consume. Now there is the RED DOT AWARD winning concept named THENEWNORMAL, that is fighting this appearance of overeating.

They proposed a set of food serving tools that provide an alternative way of portion estimation. It aims to help people learn and practise estimating healthy portion sizes of five basic food groups and permanently transform eating habits. The tools of The New Normal help people apply this to their everyday eating habits and form a new memory that will lead to long-term changed behaviour.

A great example of how tools can help people to change their behaviour, because thinking that changing behaviour is something simple is a disillusion.