Bondia which means Good morning in Papiamento, one of the native languages of Aruba. My name is Mallory Wever, and I am 22 years old. I was born in Aruba but partially raised in Panama and Paraguay and now living in The Netherlands, Tilburg.

As of today, for the upcoming half year, I am Wandering the Future’s new trend research trainee. I am currently studying Trend Research and Concept development (bachelor) in Tilburg, also known as International Lifestyle studies at Fontys Academy of Creative Industries.

During my internship at Wandering the Future, I want to collaborate and put my skills to the test into the real world. Rebooting and implementing what I was taught at the university, that’s what it is all about. Thinking of what if of the world. What it the new and upcoming things in the world. I have a thirst for knowledge, to learn something new every day, either if it is big or small. However, I also love to spread this knowledge, the change I see in the world. On the other hand; family, respect and kindness are the most important values on my list. Those are the list of intangible things that make me the person I am today, and yes, of course, I am also vigorous, keen to work and enthusiastic.

As for my spare time, I adore writing, research, communication and dance. I continuously try to stay up to date with the newest trends and news. Which it is likewise at Wandering the Future that it believes that for those who wait for the future will always be late.

Besides values, I have lots of dreams. Big dreams and small ones. The ones I can reach the stars and others the moon. My dreams change every occasion, I might get another one when other experiences happen. The one I have right now is to get selected for the minor/university that I like. An additional to obtain my bachelor degree. So, on I got even bigger dreams.

However, I find a different way to reach these dreams every day. New dreams and innovations come to the world every day. So, look out for new innovations and learn each day something different.

For an upcoming couple of weeks, you can find me at the Wandering the Future headquarters, where I will be creating, innovating and assisting on new projects. While at that same headquarters I’ll be expanding my concepting skills at Wood & Apples. My main task: expanding and improving a shared concept of both companies, while learning from them at the same time.

Nos ta topa, we will meet.