Sometimes it is good to have a look back, and remember what it is you are doing exactly. Most of you know, some of you might be new here so just to get our story out there, here is a short catch up with Wandering the Future.

I’m Cécile and almost 5 years ago I started Wandering the Future | Trend-Based Design agency. We work internationally as I believe the Future is a global thing and we are all in this together. The funny thing is, I never planned on becoming an entrepreneur. It just happened but then I embraced it completely, you know why?

X There is nothing more beautiful than working on your own vision.

X It gives me freedom to chase my dreams and explore the world while contributing to it

X I get to meet so many new and inspiring people along the way by helping all those different companies.

I do what I do with WTF because I believe Future Knowledge, but also the tools and insights to transform this knowledge into long-term concepts should be available to all. Creating a positive and healthy tomorrow is a necessity not a luxury. Moreover it is better for all if we all understand the possibilities tomorrow offers, so we can create, design and produce sustainable innovations with a high social value instead of only a rich business model.

How we do that at Wandering the Future is with our main products:

X Trend-based concept design
X Tailormade innovation journeys
X Future Design Sprints
X Future Keynotes
X Co-creative workshops

Our main proces is alligned with the well known fuzzy front end theory:

Identifying and pinpointing trends by recurring patterns in society and seeing the coherence between them.

 FUTURE EDUCATING: Analyzing what the degree of impact of disruptive trends can be for organizations, society and specific fields of interest. Moreover in this proces Wandering the Future shares and teaches tools regarding future thinking

 FUTURE CREATING: Transforming trends into future-proof business opportunities in the form of concept designs, business development our future advice.

Already convinced you want to work with us, or just want to get to know us better? Get in touch at now to learn more or to get that coffee at our office.