Expressing sexuality is getting bolder. Statements are made everyday about sexual equality, pleasure, genders, etc. During this month MTV is broadcasting the first dating show with pansexuals, vogueing is used to protest during Kwaku Amsterdam and now a sextoy can be worn as a piece of statement jewellery. 

Palma by Unboundbabes is the name of the newest piece of statement jewellery, a ring that is hard to surpass since it serves as a vibrator. Unbound Babes is an all women sextoy company which enables ladies to express their pleasure out in the open. While the latest sexual innovations involve bluetooth or an app that needs to be activated in the heat of the moment –which creates an unnatural (awkward) moment– Unbound Babes is innovating with a sextoy that does not interrupt and keeps the flow.  Making people feel more comfortable.


Let’s zoom in on the daring part of this innovation, this vibrator can be worn and shown to everyone as a piece of jewellery. It is designed as a ring so it allows women to wear their sexuality on their sleeve, with a goal to feel empowering. They aim for Palma to provide a boost of confidence serving as a sign of sexual freedom.

It is starting to look like people are battling to be seen and to feel equal, which is expressed by a rainbow of innovations and events. The bolder, the braver, the more authentic, the better. In our globalised world we want to show that we are counting, but does that really mean we are closer to a change? Maybe in fact it isn’t even about the vibrator ring, it is about the fact that we demand freedom of expression, of sexual expression. We distrust the governement and lot of other organizations as they are taking our body step by step, but for now they haven’t organized our sexual freedom yet.