Trying to stay away from your phone? What if you need to use it some more in order to pay for your cell phone bill? While most new products and services focus on taking a Digital Detox, keeping you away from your phone (like the Check Out Suite we wrote about), we can also see a counter trend in products that just draw you straight into your phone.

Moolah Mobile offers you a way to turn your phone usage into something beneficial, it 
is an app that allows you to pay for your phone bills by putting ads on the home screen of your smartphone. By putting ads on your home screen and viewing them, you can earn Moolah (M!), Moolah’s own digital currency. The app also offers additional surveys, so that you can generate even more M! For now, you can pay your phone bill with M!, but in the future, you might be able to pay for much more with it.


“The average person views easily between two to three hours of home screen ads each day”


The goal is to make wireless phone service more affordable and accessible to people with low income. Moolah Mobile is a way to subsidize the (sometimes very high) costs of having a phone. The app isn’t the only one that makes you watch ads in order to pay for using your phone. Jana offers smartphone users in developing countries free internet access through the support of ads, which we absolutely love as their is a huge social aspect to it.


So, you just have to continue using your phone just as you already did and that will pay for your bills? Is it really that simple? Or will the app also collect personal data and sell that to other companies? In fall 2019, Moolah will add additional blockchain security that anonymizes your personal data. Looks like Moolah truly wants to make the world a better place, but we can’t help but wondering how other companies would use this kind of technology. Moreover, it is also a real interesting question we should ask ourselves: will this not only help the phone addiction forward? Although the basic idea of it, the new currency, is great, there are also some negative impacts with this app, we should strongly consider.

Is the future of advertising mobile? Moolah shines a light the value of money in our current Attention Economy. The fact that you can pay with your time, attention and data shows that these are new currencies that are becoming more and more important. Moolah Mobile also fits within our trend Circular Networking, as it is part of a new exchange economy. When looking around we can detect other services that also use other currencies instead of cash include Nike’s Air Credit system and the Trivial Pursuit Hotel, that is good news. Because the more signals there are, the more a trend is coming to life.