Happy sparkling new year to all of you. 2019 is here, and tradition has taught us to start with some new goals, good intentions and wishes for the new year. It might be a bit cliché to have resolutions but I see them as my personal motivation to achieve the goals I have for the year. Last year was an intens year, with lots of highs but also a fair amount of lows. I’ve learned a lot and now it is time to translate those lessons in to new business models, new ideas and new Futures. 

This year it is time to step up my game and therewith become my own game. My goals are blunt, edgy and vulnerable because they are focussed on letting go of the fears and limitation I put on myself within my future journey. You might even say these goals are a bit infeasible but that is when I am on my best, if things look impossible.

When I started this list I had a million goals to write down, but the longer I tought about it, the more I realised they were all small material things such as; “find the best speaker agency to represent me, launch a new product, have company x as my new client in 2019”. The soon as I realised, I had to laugh out loud, because this is not what I truly want for the new year, that goes way deeper. Although it feels vulnerable that deeper meaning is really what I want to achieve, so here is the naked and blunt truth about what I want to achieve in 2019 and it all comes down on just one thing.

            “You can’t please everyone, do what feels good for you”.

1. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME. I might look like one of those limitless creatives who think everything is possible, but I catch myself to often caring about what somebody else will think about it, think about me. I crave confirmation from others, those who I think are “better” than me, and If they say don’t do it, I won’t. Moreover, I sometimes catch myself not executing new bright ideas because maybe somebody else will be insulted I did not ask them to join me , or they think I should ask them first. Maybe it even goes so far that people wish I’m doing well, but not as well or better than they are, and I have let them. This year my biggest goal is to go for it, to do the things I think will make this World a better place, will make Wandering the Future more succesful and will make me a good entrepreneur. I promise to always be fair, honest and sincere, but also to walk my own path with or without consent of others.

2. LET’S SAY NO. One of my biggest challenges in both professional as also personal life is to say no. It seems almost impossible for me to say no, because I hate dissapointing people. My first tought is always with the person who asked me something, but saying no is actually a quite strong answer. This year I want to say more “NO“, no to projects or request that don’t fit my vision or believe as a professional. NO to things that I actually truly have no time for, NO to people that don’t give me energy but actually only costing me energy. I want to start saying NO as a positive answer to any possible question and therewith get my focus sharp and my goals in side.

3. BE THE CHANGE. A few years ago I started Wandering the Future to make the World a better place by explaining the Future and translating it into new and feasible concepts for a better tomorrow. This life goal hasn’t change a single bit even with the coming of a new year. I think everything we do, we make and create, should be of added value to our society, our World and all living systems on it. I have made it my personal goal as well to be part of this change and I invite all of you to join me.

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”.

Love Cécile

Wandering the Future