Wandering the Future


The question sounds so simple, and we all take a deep breath to enthusiastically answer it, because we all seem to know why we do the things we do. But as soon as we start to talk we find ourselves stuttering, searching for words that do not seem to come anymore. Today I found the first bits and pieces that are forming my answer to that question.

I had my own personal TedX day, because to have extra-ordinary conversations, ideas worth spreading or unforgettable encounters, you do not have to attend a conference. You can just find them on the street, with ordinary people thatturn out to have the brightest minds and help you answer those urging questions you have, just by pushing you in the right direction.

I have a strong desire to do or achieve something in my life, that is the exact explanation of the word ambition. However, “something” is an undefined projectile which can mean everything but also nothing at all. To define that “something” you really have to dive into the core of your deeds.

“I didn’t came this far, to only come this far”

So when I sat with Jeroen Frumau today, who is the co-founder of Frank and the Navigator, next to many more impactful initiatives, we started talking about this subject. Jeroen is very high on my inspirational people list, as he has the ability to translate the needs of our current and future Zeitgeist into structured and understandable formats. With “Frank” he and his associate, partner with leaders in transition to accelerate their time to success, resource to win and build to last. He asked me what I want people to say about me in about ten years, “what do you want them to remember about you“. A question which made me stutter and searching for the right answer, but with his help I also made a first step in answering it.

Through this I discovered, thanks to the help of Jeroen, that my ambition is to be a serving leader, that can leave a positive impact on our world. Moreover, I am a serving leader. However, being something is one thing, communicating and carrying out that same thing is a whole other game. In addition, this is only a small bit of my answer of what my ambition is, because there are still a lot of questions open, “who do I want to serve”, “what does our world mean to me”, “how do I define impact”, but that is the next step.

Ambition isn’t all about having that perfect answer ready as soon as someone asks you, ambition is an iterative search towards that memorable aspect of your doings. Finding it is your engine to do great things.

“What is your ambition?”