Yes, it is me again, becoming dizzy again about this new social innovation in Lisbon, which is just spot-on cool. I will keep you in a the dark a little bit longer, just for the fun of it. But the fact that this concept combines a social issue, with beautifying a city is absolutely brilliant if you ask me. 

Lisbon is definitely a city of cool and if it comes to trends and innovation I would dare to call it very much upcoming. I visited Lisbon earlier this year and was amazed by the trend-based concepts you can spot all over the city. Moreover, the street art, especially the murals and grafitti, is what caught my eye. I wrote about it earlier in the post about Montana Lisboa.

Now something even cooler arise the surface, namely the well-known Urban Art Festival Collective is teaching senior citizens of Lisbon how to create their own grafitti art. The Collective consists out of well-known street artist that are helping the elderly create their a personal street tag. That is not all, as they also really giving them the chance to be part of coloring the streets of Lisbon as they are given a free reign chance to expose their work on large-scale murals all through the city.

The project is called LATA 65 and as said a project designed by WoolFestThe main goal of the project is to let the elderly actively be involved in the community by connecting them with the younger generations. Often the elderly feel useless, as if they do not count in nowadays society anymore. With this project they are given new goals, new purpose and get a chance to free their creative minds at all ages.

Isn’t it absolutely brilliant that something so simple as grafitti can be used for social innovation, because that is what it is to me. This is a perfect example of a socializing world, a world that will be more and more focussed on purpose. Moreover, it breaks the stigma regarding generations, but also answers to the active aging trend, by giving them back utility in life, while redesigning the city.

Creativity is of old ages, and instead of focusses on innovations that remedy the things they can’t, let us focus on giving them all the opportunities to experience the things they can.

lata65-graffitilata65lata65-lisbonSource: WoolFest