Trust seems to be a hard thing lately, or better said the lack of it. Consumers are suspisious as they have more knowledge available every single day. Especially the food industry is, more than occasionally, leading topic of scandal. So what do you do when you feel like you can’t trust someone? Right, you’ll make sure you can satisfy your needs with people that you do trust.

As said, food is a subject which goes perfectly hand in hand with distrust, especially food available in the supermarket. In Boxtel, The Netherlands there is a group of people that is so fed up with the absence of transparency and sustainable responsibility regarding supermarket food that they decided to start cultivating their own food. This believe led to the development of a community owned farm.

The HERENBOEREN is a concept farm owned by families who want to know where their food comes from and how it is made. For now about 70 families paid the registration fee to participate in this community farm, which was about €2000,- euros. For these €2000,- euros, they became co-owner of the farm and can co-decide which food is being cultivates and therewith are obligated to buy meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit on a weekly base. For this project to be succesfull the farm needs 200 participating families in the end.

The fact that consumers are so dissatisfied by the quality and origin of supermarket food, is what drives this innovative way of food cultivation forward. Participants partly own the farm but that doesn’t mean they have to be active on the land, as that is not their ambition and underlying need.  A professional farmer will run the farm and will be employed by the organisation.

” We are self-made, without any support from anybody”. “We are a revolution in the agricultural sector”, says one of the promoters.

Although the initiative started in Boxtel, it is spreading across the country quickly, over fiftheen cities are interested in the concept. People are aware that something has to change regarding the way they get their food, which is a good thing if you ask me.

The HERENBOEREN are so spot on trend, for example food awareness. The fact that more and more consumers demand transparency regarding their food and the origin of it. Also the community focus of this project fits the fact that we are building trust circles within our own peer network. For me this is the purest form of togetherness in a co-creating society.