You might know him from the huge inflatable turd he made in Hong-Kong, or the big pink pig which needs a lot of air to stay alive, but artist Paul McCarthy took it to a whole other level in Paris just a few days ago.

Paul is a very conservative American Artist, who likes to shock its public by making his art so suggestive and weird that it plays with peoples imagination. That is exactly what he did in the Place Vendôme in Paris at the contemporary art fair, where he planted a Christmas Tree looking like the standard but plug.

It can’t really be a but plug as the installation is 80 feet tall, moreover, Paul insists this piece of art to be named Christmas Tree as he meant it as this very merry tree. “Sure thing Paul“, we are pretty sure you didn’t even thought about a but plug when you made this design…

The contemporary art fair will be open till the 26th of October, unfortunately you can’t visit this but plug looking christmas tree right now, as it is vandalized by some very offended Parisians, who had a lot of hate for this contemporary art piece. They hated it so much they even punched its maker, artist Paul McCarthy in the face over this green but plug of a christmas tree, very unnecessary if you ask me. Gossip goes around that the art will stay in the city during christmas time though.

The real question however, is not the discussion wether this is a christmas tree or a but-plug, the real question is, “why the hell is there already a christmas tree on the square, it is October for god sake”.

sculpture-down slide_375874_4399976_compressed
Source; NowThisNews