She calls it, “circumventive organs“, I just call it absolutely brilliant. She is Agi Haines and I had the great pleasure to hear her speak on TEDxMaastricht on the 13th of October 2014.

Agi Haines, is a little blond and smiling personality with a very big and forward thinking vision. She is obsessed by the Human Body and believes we can transfigure it into whatever we need it to be, she believes we can “design the human body”.

Born in the United Kingdom as the daughter of two conservative artists, Agi grew up in between “body parts”, as she says herself. Agi, also known as Agatha completed her BA in Graphic Design and attended the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art. Nowadays she love to experiment with possibilities and malleability of human bodies.

” People are scared of futuristic body parts but actually we use body enhancements every single days, such as bracelets or walking sticks. As soon as the enhancement is a combination within the human body it is strange, but in fact it is the same”, is what Agi says about the future of our body.

She wasn’t Agi if she didn’t take this vision even one step further by combining our regular organs and animal characteristics to solve health related issues. For example a defibrillating organ using parts from an electric eel that can discharge to release an electric current to the heart when it recognizes it going into fibrillation, or an organ that uses rattlesnake muscles to release mucus from the respiratory system of a person who suffers from cystic fibrosis and dispel it through the stomach.

For now it might only be art, but I believe that Agi could be ahead of all of us, and is just showing us what the future will look like. Agi makes the impossible possible, Agi dares us all to “be Frankenstein and to innovate the future“.

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