Walls, we all have them. Mostly they are white and simple design, sometimes they have a color, or pictures decorating this plain piece of architecture. But why are those walls always so boring, they are the eye-catcher of a building, the fundamentals of our houses and they get the less attention of all.

That is what Yusuke Asaithought as well when he started “updating” walls. Yusuke was born in Tokyo in 1981 and graduated from Ceramic art Course, Kamiyabe High School in 1999. From that point on his career as an artist went fast, especially with his contribution in Wall Art Project“.

The Wall Art Project is an Indian festival where two artist, including Yusuke, each get a classroom with white walls to get creative and make art. “cause if there is a white wall, the desire to draw is in the nature of everyone who sees”. The Art won’t stay there forever, just for the duration of the festival, but the excitement of making art will stay for eternity. Best of all, this art is not for sale, it is to inspire people, to share beautiful memories and to feel instant happiness.

Amazing to see that not everything is about money, but that in this changing world this artists wants to share his talent to simply make the world a prettier place, and the people living on it a bit happier.

yusuke-asai-waf-1 yusuke-asai-waf-4 yusuke-asai-waf-6Source; Hello LOLA