How influencers start using their community power to create better impact.   As we all know, Influencers have a huge impact on their community, which makes them more valuable for companies because they can create more sales. With a rising influence comes the recognition of responsibility. People on social media want and have to be more than just a model. They want to have an impact and create a more meaningful identity. This goal can be achieved in cooperation with the community of followers they are generating on social media platforms. 

                      " HOW A CRISIS MAKES SOCIETY MORE FLEXIBLE" In times of a worldwide crisis everyone is facing problems. Problems that haven’t been there before but new Problems demand new solutions. For most Branches the Corona Pandemic is a big loss, since the normal social live is massively restricted and almost all entertainment and gastronomy businesses had to close.

Another succesful edition of the Dutch Design Week has passed by this year. Our Trainee Mallory was our eyes and ears on the floor this year and went to spot the latest new directions of change in design land and beyond. Especially for you guys,...

Have you ever thought about what happens to the knowledge we learn and create now in the Future? As we all know Noah’s ark what built for animals to escape the flood and remain alive.  Today, we store books in libraries, seeds in the Svalbard vault, and art in museums. What do we do with the rest; The humankinds most valuable possessions such as inventions, ideas and part of our natural world? 

Nice to meet you! I’m proud to announce that as for today, I will be the newest addition to the WTF-fam. My name is Rosanne Schuurmans, 22 years old and I have a huge passion for humans. I am born and raised in the south of the Netherlands where I already did a study to become an interior designer. During my own design projects internationally, I discovered that I rather prefer to look at the human values and behaviour than just a pretty picture.

Do you ever find yourself in ‘the-shopping-struggle’. The dilemma between investing in the slow-fashion industry, by spending all the money you saved on one pair of jeans; or buying whatever you desire, knowing it is probably made in Bangladesh. The developing sharing economy has the solution for this dilemma: leasing clothes.