Disruptive changes on life assurances

In an ever-changing world, human beings change their lifestyle more often as well. More flexibility is a key characteristic but also taking away some security of the known patterns and lifestyle. Changing something means taking a risk and it is unsure if it is getting better or worse! What characteristics and skills does it take to survive in a less secure World ?

Technology is making live more convenient, time efficient, provides more opportunities to communicate and constantly provides us with information. We could not imagine a world without technology, it has become a natural essence of our lifestyle and there is no way we can or want to delete it. This revolution is blurring the lines of humanity and technology. Besides all improvements and advantages, technology is also causing problems.

The diversity of choices is heaven and hell at the same time. You must have experience this dilemma yourself many times before, standing in front of the amazingly full shelfs  in the supermarket. We have more and more choices every day, may it be at the supermarket, at a store or our holiday destination. We don’t know about you but we always struggle with making the right choices, sometimes it can takes hours to make decisions and we are still in doubt afterwards.

How influencers start using their community power to create better impact.   As we all know, Influencers have a huge impact on their community, which makes them more valuable for companies because they can create more sales. With a rising influence comes the recognition of responsibility. People on social media want and have to be more than just a model. They want to have an impact and create a more meaningful identity. This goal can be achieved in cooperation with the community of followers they are generating on social media platforms. 

                      " HOW A CRISIS MAKES SOCIETY MORE FLEXIBLE" In times of a worldwide crisis everyone is facing problems. Problems that haven’t been there before but new Problems demand new solutions. For most Branches the Corona Pandemic is a big loss, since the normal social live is massively restricted and almost all entertainment and gastronomy businesses had to close.

Another succesful edition of the Dutch Design Week has passed by this year. Our Trainee Mallory was our eyes and ears on the floor this year and went to spot the latest new directions of change in design land and beyond. Especially for you guys,...