An optimistic story, written during the 2020 challenge.

It has been crazy 5 months, for everyone, and I am thankful for it.
Let me give you a little insight into how crazy it was as an intern at Wandering the Future.
Opportunities, Challenges, and growth but I am thankful for all of them!

I am thankful for getting the opportunity of getting a voice and having an impact and most and forward to gain as well as share knowledge.

I am more confident and stronger than ever and we all should be, surviving these times!

Full of confidence I am trying to work as hard as possible,  be patient, and trust that times are getting better. We just have to adjust and grow with current situations and take on a perspective where we can see that we have the power to get to the better times ahead of us.

„Even the stones placed in one’s path can be made into something beautiful!“

What am I taking with me is a lot of knowledge and a bond with amazing colleagues that made working at Wandering the future in the innovation hub successful.

According to current studies, most people enjoy the flexibility of a home office, feel less stressed, and even become more productive. A home office is a heaven and hell, combining family and work is easier but then the challenge is to focus on work as well, without the physical distance of an office.

To be honest, I preferred my time at the office over the home office time! Yet it was an experience that thought me to work more independently. At the office I had an amazing work vibe, always felt comfortable and it was just motivating and meaningful.

Communication is key! It is an old concept but I prefer to call it the golden rule! If I got stuck I talked to my colleagues and the creative and innovative strategies flowed better then ever.

I did not promise to much, back in march. I got to work on an exciting project that were as diverse as possible and allowed me to develop new skills,  I started to love writing articles, and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. From research and concepting in the tourism sector, over trend research in wellness up to writing blogs about the next exciting developments, the range of experiences I got to be part of was diverse and insightful. I am also proud to say that I could work freely and alone at home, during a distracting and concerning time of a pandemic, but also with amazing colleagues in an inspiring office in Den Bosch.

I am leaving with lots of great experiences and will start my fourth and final study year of International trend research and concept development, from September on at Fontys in Tilburg, or better said, in online contact with Fontys in Tilburg. The internship sharped and motivated me even more as a professional and I am ready for finishing my bachelor studies and after that entering work life.


I am stepping out, thirsty for even more knowledge and grateful for this amazing time, optimistic that “ the future will be in my favor. “ ( C. Cremer)


A special Thank you to Cécile Cremer, who always believed in me and helped my unleash my potential.

Greetings from Den Bosch