Beginning this week I was an interview guest for ECO – Economia Online, hosted by Vanda Jorge. Together with Luke O’Driscoll and his creative partner Marco Mollo we had a lively and profound discussion about the “NEW NORMAL”.  This all, in response to an Activation video made by them.

“As soon as we talk about the New Normal, we turn the zeitgeist into a static given, while we should see it as an ever-changing situation to act upon” – Cécile Cremer –

More than ever it is important to not judge with hindsight and make rigid statements, while being in the eye of the storm. Nothing should be taken for granted, in particular Humanity and our World. There is an urgent need for change, and maybe, just maybe, this crisis can help us one step futher in realizing that.

But please don’t let us think that our World will all of a sudden change into a New Brave World just over night. Don’t let us stumble into the same pitfalls again, by thinking we’ve reached a new normal. Let us all be aware and awake that change requires hard work. #bethechange #together #nonewnormal

I cordially invite you to listen to the whole conversation in the live video below.

Um novo normal? O que tínhamos era normal?

A campanha para a Extinction Rebellion foi apenas o ponto de partida para uma conversa, onde entre criativos e futuristas, se questiona o que é o normal e o papel das marcas neste novo normal.#Ecoolhunter Talks goes digital com Marco Mollo, Art Director, e Luke O Driscoll, Copywriter, criativos da campanha #nogoingback, e Cecile Cremer, Future Researcher.

Slået op af ECO i Tirsdag den 9. juni 2020