More power, more pressure, more performance, more health . We do a lot to improve our performance, to unleash our full potential. The luxury brand Equinox, is triggering those who are able to pay, to “ create the possibility for people to maximize the potential within themselves.”


Equinox, being famous for luxury all-in one fitness and wellness clubs opened a new kind of luxury hotel, that is revolutionizing the wellness travel. The aim of the hotel was to create a hybrid of lifestyle and luxury hotel that would enable guests to seamlessly continue their fast-paced, active routines. (Olson, 2019)

The luxury fitness company just entered the hospitality game and opened their first hotel in New York City. Recognizing that the regeneration is an important factor to be successful  their main aim is to give the guest the best sleep. Even a sleep coach is featured in the regeneration concept for high performance lifestyle guests.  (Mzezewa, 2019)

Opening an equinox hotel, derived from the desire of continuing a healthy lifestyle while traveling. The luxurious concept that is aiming to provide  a hybrid of lifestyle and fitness, but the top priority is to provide the guests the best regeneration and sleep. Healthification at its best! Equinox is also preventing the members of the mental diseases that are rising within the society .A healthy body through a broad variety of sport supported by healthy nutrition, plus the regeneration at the wellness facilities.  This variety of a hybrid model seems to be the key to unleashing the full potential, physically as well as mentally. This insight is very interesting when creating future proof wellness concepts.

Healthification as the mega trend that people are aiming for the most healthy lifestyle possible, including mental and physical health. In order to reach this, people try different diets, sport activities or meditation. At the same time mental diseases are a rising problem of the health system. Depression for example is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease, as the Who is announcing. (WHO , 2020)

Let’s imagine we all could afford access to the best possible health supporting facilities. Health insurances wouldn’t have to spend that much money on health issues . The gap between rich and poor is wide anyways and Equinox is setting just another example of amazing experiences are offered for those who are living on the more comfortable side of the gap. Especially during times of lockdown, people that cope with mental disorders are more vulnerable than ever. It is important to stay active in order to stay not only physically but also mentally fit. Physical fitness can improve mental fitness and prevent mental diseases for example loneliness and depression.

People are recognizing the need for an all-round health and fitness activity, including fitness, nutrition, relaxation and regeneration in order to stay fit. As the example shows, those who have financial power, are willing to pay a lot in order to improve the status of their body and mind. The trends Healthification and mindfulness are manifesting in habits and everyday life.

Equinox is the luxury example of the hybrid model in lifestyle and fitness for an overall maximum performance and condition. Just like many trends a luxury concept will hopefully become a role model for the broader wellness market. For the good of the society, it would be better that everyone has the same access to a high quality wellness and fitness program. Then everyone would get the same chance to maximise their potential performance not just those who have a wealthy financial status.  We would could have the healthiest society. This status must then lead to a shift in the health system. More money spend on prevention of diseases through a fitter body and less therapies needed to cure diseases.

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