As a responds to the fast development of tech we can see a strong progress in the need for natural roots. With more and more people living in urban areas, 84% of all people by 2050, green city escapes become more scare everyday.

In Copenhagen they are expanding city tissue for the benefit of green areas, namely into the water. The city is reinventing green space by creating floating islands filled with plants and chill out spots. The new kind of public space is called “parkipelago” and is a concept development by Fokstrot Design Studio and Australian Architect Marshall Blecher.

The island parts are floating and all made by hand for people to enjoy some green free-time. The first photo-type, named CPH-Ø1 was created as a way to revitalize the forgotten parts of the city while introducing green space for the benefit of locals, fauna and flora. The islands will have swimzones, floating saunas, gardens and more.

On top different green will grow to give insects and birds a new home and the bottom will be for the sea-life. An amazing growing innovation that increase both Humans as Natures Quality of Life, while adapting to growing need of green in our urbanizing World.