You must know that feeling, that you ordered something online and you are so happy with the product you ordered, but not so much with all the cardbox and moreover, plastic waste that comes with it.

THE BOX by LivingPackets might be the solution we have all been waiting for. „THE BOX eliminates 100 billion cartons each year, saving 700 million trees while delivering the best e-commerce experience.” Alex C. – CEO LivingPackets The clever collapsible and reusable box for e-commerce deliveries should decrease this number.

They call it Packaging as a service and that is a very clever approach. The box is full of smart tech which prevents the sender for having to put paper information in it. It even has a camera to see what’s in the box. Shortly said: The Box has everything to make e-commerce delivery sustainable, efficient and circular.

Humanized Technology as we like to see it, because this innovation is not only a win for humans, but even more for our environment and we are not having to hand in on convenience as consumer. Moreover, it gives consumers something to think about, namely their impact on this World, but also gives them a tool to make that impact positive.