Nice to meet you! I’m proud to announce that as for today, I will be the newest addition to the WTF-fam. My name is Rosanne Schuurmans, 22 years old and I have a huge passion for humans. I am born and raised in the south of the Netherlands where I already did a study to become an interior designer. During my own design projects internationally, I discovered that I rather prefer to look at the human values and behaviour than just a pretty picture.

I currently study International Lifestyle Studies at Fontys Academy of Creative Industries in Tilburg, The Netherlands. It is a study were I learn trend research and concept creation in lifestyle to improve the human quality of life. Especially trend research is looking at the human values and behaviour as well, but then more future forward. That is why I am most passionate about trend research. Trend agency Wandering the Future is the perfect place for me to expand my knowledge about that.

My main focus is on trend research in all different sectors, but I also do other things besides that. For example, I started my own (non-school) related projects, I love to do some interior/art styling every now and then and my biggest hobby is photography.

My main tasks will be he future. Of course I cannot tell you yet but I will promise you that it will be amazing. Make sure to follow Wandering the Future to know what it’s all about. You will also read some blogpost that I will write and you will see me during some great keynotes that Cécile will give.

Where do I see myself in the future? Well, I will be the first trend researcher working on Mars! Or something like that. I want to start my own trend agency when I graduate. I love to consult others about the future and make them future enthusiastic. I am open to new ideas and collaborations with different industries from different countries.