Do you ever find yourself in ‘the-shopping-struggle’. The dilemma between investing in the slow-fashion industry, by spending all the money you saved on one pair of jeans; or buying whatever you desire, knowing it is probably made in Bangladesh. The developing sharing economy has the solution for this dilemma: leasing clothes.

UNOWN is an initiative that offers people a monthly option to borrow clothes for a fixed amount of money each month. Though if you do fall in love with a product you can buy to keep it. The clothes that they offer are fairtrade, recyclable and sustainable, a guilt free way of shopping.

I hear some of you thinking, okay but what is so different from all the other concept that do this? Ofcourse the whole leasing movement is something that started when the sharing economy and slow fashion became an understanding in Society. Well-known concepts such as MUD JEANS, where you can lease your jeans and sent it back when it is worn out, is one of the first and most known brand that started this movement. What about LENA LIBRARY, a library where you cannot borrow books, but clothes instead. So if UNOWN  is not the only company that makes it possible to lease clothes, and not even the first one, why are we writing about it then?

Because this is an perfect example of how trends work, namely culture bound. Every culture develops trend and the matching services, products or movements at their own pace. Moreover, a trend is not a universal direction of change, and it always starts culture bound before it potentially spread widely, and then still the expressions can be very different. UNOWN is established by German founders. The German culture is said to be more conservative than the Dutch are. Although, the sustainable sharing economy is spreading worldwide every country has his own way to do so.

The appearance industry is making bigger steps towards a slow-fashion future. Leasing instead of buying is one initiative, but who knows what kind of brilliant ideas will start to exist in different parts of the world, have you seen any example around the World ?