Eureka! A moment, a brief thought on which you have an idea that nobody can take from you. Many people experience this thought once in a while, but -and be honest- how many of these ideas actually see the light of day? There are ots of people on our planets with genius ideas, but not many of them have the skills to design or the knowledge or network to make it happen. What if this could be changed?

This story starts with the experiment Mind Vases by Studio José de la O in cooperation with Mirai innovation lab and a very dull, basic vase. This dull vase has the lead in this little story, because it grows to be a fluent design that challenges people to show their ideas. So how did this process of growth happen? Spoiler: not in the usual way by making a sketch but just by using your brain waves.

Two participants were invited to look at the dull design of the vase, while they were connected to a computer. By thinking about options for the design, the two participants have been able to change the outlook of the vase. They sent their brain signals to a monitor called Aura, the easy explanation is that their minds were read. By concentrating on the design, the participants could change height, diameter, size, etc. Eventually the model is sent to a 3d printer.

Especially the job of the designer is questionable in this experiment. Designers are now technical skilled people, as handy as they are creative. This experiment shows that these crafty skills might not be needed in our near Future. The moment we can change a design by thinking of a change, anyone can be a designer, right?

What does this mean for anyone’s future? Is it assumed that the brains of a real designer work differently from an ideas creator. Does that mean we have to protect our current profession from TECH INTERVENTION before it becomes so liquid there are no borders anymore? On the other hand isn’t a positive consequence the fact that true this technique HYPER PERSONALISATION is possible? We might be able to make a product our own if designing could be as simple as a thought. Any object might fit our personal needs and connects with our FLUENT IDENTITY, bringing uniqueness back in our society. Nevertheless is it again an example and an AWARENESS CREATOR if it comes to the influence of technology on humanity and society, definitely something to think about.