Most of us know some kind of movie, book or series describing the world when computers are getting on the upper hand. While we are still calling this genre science fiction, it is closer to becoming reality than most of us are aware of. While Artificial Intelligence is learning from human behaviour faster than the day of light there will be a point it can outsmart us, the question is not if but when if we just let it do its thing…

But what if we, humans, can combine our powers with the strength of computers and that way strengthen humanity instead of letting it take us over? Future visionair Elon Musk , know from TESLA and SPACE-X owns another company, Neuralink, that has been exploring opportunities in this area for two years now. Not too long ago they presented their plan to the world. It won’t be too long till they are able to connect the brain with AI. Through wearable tech that is inserted in the brain through threads as thick as a quarter of a hair, internal intelligence is connected with the external strength computers bring us.

This technology is in the first case developed to treat brain and spine disorders, by tapping of thoughts and turning it into tekst or motion. But the vision of Neuralink is going way further. The eventual goal is to achieve a form of superhuman intelligence. Imagine a future in which we can download a new language or a musical skill to our brain. 

The future human will be Human 3.0, were we first had the human 2.0 better known as The Human Cyborg, we will now get Robotized humans. We’re we first spoke about Humanoids, we are know on the intersection between of humans turning more and more into Robots.


“we prefer to lead technology from a human perspective instead of being led by uncontrolable technology” – Cécile Cremer

To keep up with computers in an AI future, people will need to digitally keep up in some kind of way. At least that is the most heard understanding if it comes to discussions regarding our digital transformation and the Future we are facing. Nevertheless is it still our choice to make at this point, but as said before, that won’t be the case forever.  These kind of innovations are in some cases already in conflict with our ethical norms, leaving the question how far we need to embrace technology. Even stronger, in how far are we willing to give the control to technology instead of Humanity? AI doesn’t have an “off” switch and if it is up to us, we prefer to lead technology from a human perspective instead of being led by uncontrolable technology.


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