Our world, or I can even say galaxy, is designed to be more and more digitalized. As the technical innovations burst into the market, many of them are not chosen to succeed. So, when is a technical device strong enough to enter the future? SoftTech or TimidTech is the answer, personalised and made to fit humans. Though, with the exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence, this human embedded technology is about to go a lot further.

Let me try to explain Artificial Intelligence (AI) for dummies… AI is a digital network that collects human (online) behaviour and learns from it. This network tries to understand how we work and replicate the human thinking. As AI is learning every day, there will likely be a moment where this kind of Intelligence understands us better than we do ourselves. Not just on a level of IQ but also the way our emotions work.

Now let’s get to the point of this story: Authenticity in Artificial. The last ten years many people have been trying to be the most authentic version of themselves, to be real and stand out. Nowadays not only human-people, but also digitalised innovations are evoking a sense of authenticity. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, think of AI-DA. –We have written a linkedin post about this before-. This a robot that learns through AI about art and creates it herself. Another example is AI-fashion, clothes that react upon our emotions and feelings, for example Iris van Herpen does this.. One last example is the rise of artificial influencers and avatars, who are created to feel like a digital friend and call for our support such as the well known Noonoouri we featured recently .

These examples are just a few of the digitalized newbies designed to create feelings of empathy. This kind of innovations understand how we feel, what we think and know how to respond to our emotions. It seems that not only humankind, but also the artificial can be authentic. This makes us question what authenticity truly is, is it to be real, to stand out, be unique or to act like you’re really here. The artificial is getting closer to act better than our greatest friend and to make us think that they are feeling, just like humans do.

The real question we have to ask ourselves is if we want technology to pick up these skills as they will push our unique humanity further to the background. My answer would be a definite NO, technology should arise to simplify our lives, to solve problems and discomfort not to replace human kind. If we let AI go its own way will we even have the opportunity to put a stop to it if it starts overruling us? What do you think?