Since the rise of social media, something else rose with it. A new job came to exist in the last ten years, with the job description of “Influencing”. The Influencer is a well-known person on the social media, who manages to change the way people act or think.

As we live in a digitalized world, a job expressed on a digital platform can be easily challenged by a creative technical geek. Meet Joerg Zuber a designer and creative director and the next 19-years-old women’s fashion Influencer! Wait what? Yes, you are reading this right, a man can absolutely be a 19-years-old girly influencer, by making her a digital avatar. So, meet the real influencer: Noonoouri.

Noonoouri is not the only influencing digital avatar, what makes her different is the fact that she looks like a fantasy figure. To quote Zuber:

“People follow her because she’s different. With her, you can immerse yourself in a dream world.”

Fashion labels are very cooperative to work with her, to show fashion on a new creative level. Noonoouri is also involved in social issues, she has a vegan lifestyle, does not wear fur and is into the slow fashion trend. She is a fantasy character entangled in very real issues.

Noonoouri fascinates us. She creates awareness on a playfull way. But even more interesting is the fact that this non-existent being can be authentic, she has her own identity and culture. Noonoouri is a perfect example of an innovation that challenges our relationship to feel empathy towards technology.