Yes, we know; you too have sometimes wondered out loud: what in heaven’s name do I have to do with trends? Is the fact that you have an iPhone not trendy enough? Trends have to do with the Future, and that is not what you are aiming for now. You want to do business today, right?

While you might not have been aware of the added value of the Future in the past, the fact that you are still reading now shows us that you aware of it now.

Let us sum it up for you one more time, so whenever you have to convince others Future thinking is a must for your company you know what to say straight away.

* The Future is urgent, our World is changing exponentially, so you better be prepared

* The only constant thing in life is change, so you better come prepared

It may be clear now that if you understand that changes are coming, you can be better prepared to deal with these changes. We are just missing one crucial thing; you also

need to understand these changes to act on them. That is where trends come in. These directions of change lead the way in our shifting attitudes, changing Zeitgeist and associated wants and needs.

So what do trends do;

* Trends help us with the identification and capitalization of future-proof business opportunities, so you better be aware because ▼

* Knowledge is power, so you better come informed

All that is left for you is to start transforming this trend knowledge into feasible businesssolutions, because the question is not so much what do you gain with it, it is what do you lose otherwise?


Are you ready to see your own opportunities for the Future, we are happy to help you turn those opportunities into feasible business opportunities today. Just drop us a line at and we’ll figure out how to shape your future journey together.