Have you ever felt sorry for a robot? Or do you understand the development of sex-robots? The relationships humans can have with a robot or digital device are reaching a higher level. We have reached an unexplored domain concerning our social standards. Is there a norm in how we act towards robots and do we want to show them our respect even though they do not have the combability to feel pain, joy or love?

Sony explored the chances of human-robot relationships during the exposition ‘Affinity in Autonomy’. This exposition was displayed in a variety of rooms that were passed by visitors. Visitors entered the exposition in the first zone ‘Awakening’. This zone was a light and colour installation to heighten the visitor’s sensory awareness. Secondly there was ‘Autonomous’ a pendulum in a cage which greeted and reacted to movements. ‘Accordance’ was the third and biggest room, a room filled with white spheres in different sizes that appeared to have their own personality. Each sphere reacted differently to human movements, one could role away like it scared them off, while another one would be more approaching. The last two zones ‘Affiliation’ and ‘Association’ displayed interactive Sony products and ask for the experience of the visitor.

With this exposition Sony does tackle an emerging taboo about the empathy a human can feel for a non (literally) living object. The zones all showed different ways to create a dynamic between visitors and technology. With showing affinity towards robots, we could view them like they are ‘alive’ and display emotion towards them.

Step by step we are exploring the social dynamic and norms evolving with the developments of robots. And yes, this is something to take seriously, especially with Artificial Intelligence playing a bigger role in the world each day. Will there always be a border between the human kind and the digital machines or is there a chance we start ‘working together’ and embrace new social standarts.

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Source: Dezeen

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