When we think of innovations designed for people above 50, we tend to think about products or services that help them with the problems that come with ageing. While it is important to provide aid with falling, dementia and loneliness, we shouldn’t forget that most people above 50 do not need these solutions (yet). How about all those healthy, active seniors? Plant-based nutrition Perennial has got that covered!

Sara Bonham and Brent Taylor were frustrated by the lack of innovation for the elderly and wanted to create a world that would be “excited to age into”. As a result, they came up with Perennial. For now, Perennial only offers a plant-based drink that provides the target group with essential nutrients. As you get older, the risk of malnutrition becomes higher and drinking Perennial could prevent this.



“Only 1% of global innovation is for the 50+ generation. We believe in the incredible potential of life after 50.”

As for the branding, Perennial definitely doesn’t want to be a dull label. The packaging and website look minimalist, clean and fresh, while still being attractive when you’re not a Millennial. Sure, there are other drinks and food brands designed for the elderly, but do those look this good?

While innovative brands for the 50+ generation are rare, Perennial isn’t the only example of initiatives targeted at an ageing population. Lately, older women seem to be especially ‘cool’. Online platform Refinery29 recently launched Referinery59, an initiative that aims to reverse society’s aversion to ageing. And how about Netflix’s hit series Grace & Frankie? Grace & Frankie is about two women in their 70s that are still trying to find themselves. Besides that, women going through midlife changes can now get a personalized treatment with new service Rory.

With an ever more ageing society and people living longer than they used to, Perennial is the kind of product we could use more of. Furthermore, more and more Millennials are swapping dairy for plant-based alternatives and since becoming vegan is getting more popular with this generation, most vegan and plant-based brands choose to target them. Perennial makes sure the forgotten 50+ generation also gets their own plant-based brand. Because maybe we are just targeting the wrong group, there is so much fuss about Millenials that we forget that this 50+ group actually is the biggest purchasing power group at the moment.