As of today, I am Wandering the Future’s new intern. I am very excited to join the team. My name is Julie Maas and I am 24 years old. Originating from the south of the Netherlands and having lived in Amsterdam for a few years, I now live in Tilburg. Here I study International Lifestyle Studies at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries. Doing trend research and creating future-proof concepts that improve quality of life are two tasks that I focus on during my studies. During my internship at Wandering the Future, I want to put these research skills and creativity into practice.

Curiosity is something that drives me and I am always on the lookout for new innovations and things to learn, so it might not come as a surprise that I like to read books in my spare time, which is a good things as I have to read books at Wandering the Future for work as well.

The last few months I have been doing a minor in Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam. The reason I have chosen this minor is that I am very interested in cities and how the living environment affects people’s lives. This is however not the only topic that sparks my interest, as I get excited from a wide variety of topics. I’ll tell you more about those topics further along my internship

The next couple of months you will find me at the Wandering the Future headquarters, where I will be contributing to the projects. Maybe I will see you there, there are always coffee and cookies at our place?