It is 12.00hours in the morning when all of a sudden my Iphone 7 decides to quit on me. I’m slightly surprised but I catch myself on the fact that I conclude that it is around my subscription renewal date so what else did I expect. It is only a few seconds later that I’m asking myself if I have lost it completely, as I discover that the time of death is the exact same date as my subscription extension time. Since when do we think it is okay to buy half-baked products and except it as the new normal?

We live in a World where resources get more scarce every day, where concepts such as sustainability, sharing and acces-ship are as normal as our morning coffee. Then why do we, as consumers, still accept, or totally surrender to products or hypes that are doing everything but that?. The Iphone is a very tangible example of these dysfunctionalities on purpose, but there are many more examples of how products went from, “made for the long-term” to “made with a very short expiration date“.


Suppliers such as Alibaba, Wish and more Asian bound wholesales have seen an amazing increase of purchases since the discovery of it by the crowd, and their shipping cost became acceptable as well. However, consumers do know that the quality is mostly not even close to what it would be if they buy it with the official brand or supplier. Is it just because we can, is it because we actually are all a bit consumption addicted, or just because we think it is okay to buy “crap” if it isn’t ridiculously expensive.

We have seen this almost inexplicable phenomenon for longer now in the fashion, better known as the fast fashion movement. A movement where consumers buy unfairly made fashion pieces that are way too cheap but also wear down after a maximum of two times. Now the fashion scene have outdone themselves with what is called the “Thong Jeans”, an example of current consumer behaviour which left me totally flabbergasted. How could a farce like this become such a big hype and sell for a price of over 200 dollar. The Thong Jeans is literally a jeans which consist solely out of seams. What has happened to our consumer’s judgement and clear thinking that these kinds of products turn into unprecedented popular hypes?

Did we lose the perspective of quality or do we not know better anymore? Is it too easy to buy replacements or are products simply too cheap to invest in their expiration date? On the one hand, we see a visible increase in more awareness regarding consumers their footprint, the products they buy and the identity they form with the things they have, but on the other hand hyper-consumerism often surpasses common sense, simply because it is convenience.

Let us all take responsibility for our World of tomorrow, by not being reckless about what and how we buy the products we need or even want in life. Let us realize that our behaviour not only has an impact on environment, but also on our own economy. If we as consumers do not demand quality, service and honesty, why would brands and suppliers even give them to us then? We are all responsible for change, because in the end we are all a piece of the chain.

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