BLOB art.movement


“Blob”, a word that doesn’t have just one meaning, a word that has more associations than explanations, a word that everybody has its own contemplation about. However, it was this Word that inspired Miriam Slaatsand her international team of talented professionals to start their own conceptual art movement. The BLOB art.movementwas taken by the fact that Blob stands for “the almost impossible”, “creating outside the accepted standards”, art that is actually impossible.

BLOB mainly makes art out of recycled plastic by playing with the raw rest material of polymers during the production process of this malleable substance. Every piece of BLOB art is unique because although you can hack the process of the residual materials, there are parts that are untouchable and this is exactly where the material settles down as it Blobs out of the machine.

It was by accidents that Miriam came in contact with this material when she walked into a fabric for whole other reasons, but she was head over heels by the first acquaintance. She started studying its language of form, the way it moved and settled itself. By heating the poly it starts forming itself, but Miriam wanted to insert her forms as a designer as well, it became a loving fight between human and material. This fight is actually very current for our society nowadays as well, the fight between the comfort and convenience of materials we want to own, pertaining to the issues and challenges all these materials cause.

Miriam and her team are convinced that art, and therewith BLOB, is a universal language that can education and inform us in a light but high-class way about the confrontations we are facing in our future World. With their movement, they embrace plastic as a resource to create new things. Art challenges us to look from a different perspective, it initiates movement, and request answers to societal issues. BLOB strongly believes that a negative World is bad for all aspects of life, but that we should also face reality and turn the negatives into positives. Plastic might be an environmentally unfriendly material, but is has also brought us a lot, so it is our job to find a balance in this given. BLOB is taking care of becoming more aware, to transform plastic into a positive given, turning the ugliness into beauty and teaching us a lesson along the way.

When looking at our current Zeitgeist, this BLOB art.movementcomes perfectly in time in a World where we are becoming more and more aware of our impact. We know that we have to change our habits and handlings for a better tomorrow. As Miriam says; “it is almost impossible to get rid of all that plastic, but we can change the way we associate with it”. Herewith here vision directly connects to our current Review trend, whereby we look into the overlooked options of products, materials or design.

For the Future of the BLOB art.movement, Miriam and her team hopes that they will be able to share the story and heart-warming message with the World to increase its impact tremendously. The biggest ambition is that people feel connected with this evolution and feel the urge to better our World together. As an ultimate goal, Miriam would want to see so much support for her vision that she can let it go to pass it along to a new and younger generation to develop it further.

Where can you see BLOB art
* If you want to see the Blob art yourself, you can come to the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedamwhere Miriam will be exhibit with one very unique piece from the beginning of September
* From the 14thof November until the 17thof November the BLOB art.movement will travel to Abu Dhabi to be part of Abu Dhabi Art.