Let me start with wishing all of you a happy sparkling new year, 2017 is finally here and I am excited for it. Even better, I can’t wait to for it to be in full swing. Last year was tremendous, goals were reached, mountains were climbed and heights achieved. Now it is time to continue that track and go full speed ahead, into a new future.

When I started writing this resolution, I looked back at previous declaration for 2016, my heart stocked in my chest. I wrote down three main goals and I have achieved all of them. Getting my own project from A tot Z , give a major Trend talk (preferably at LaFutura) and bring my own trendproduct on the market. It made me tremendously proud, but it also made me realise that I can do so much more than I’m aware of. Then something totally unexpected and inspiring happened…

It was just a few days before the end of the year that a wise man and true friend said to me, “your bar is not high enough, you have to raise your bar way higher”. I almost choked in my breakfast, this past year I’ve mostly heard the exact opposite of a not high enough bar. It got me thinking though, and after asking for explanation I got it. He said “you can do anything you want, I love how you enjoy your victories, butyou should become the standard. You have it all, go get it all”. 

This year it is time to step out of the shadow of others, but create my own shadow. I decided to make my goals even more infeasible, far futured and ambitious this year. Not to be disappointed at the end of the year, but to become that standard that I want to be. To be endlessly motivated to chase my dreams and to make the impossible, possible. So here are my main goals for 2017.

1. GROUND A NEW GENERATION TREND COLLECTIVE. Last year I talked with Nils Müller from TrendONE & Maarten Leyts from Trendwolves about grounding a new collective which will shake up the trend world. The thing with creative minds is often that they have a lot ideas but do not always manage to bring them to life. I will move mountains in 2017 to bring this collective to live and therewith bring the world of trends- and innovation experts closer together as I believe we should strengthen each other instead of outcompete.

2. DEVELOP MY OWN TREND TOOL. I always try to dedicate my effort to show this world the true value of trends by not only making them visible but more over making them feasible. It is a true frustration that so many people talk about disruptive change thinking to inspire companies or people to make hard needed changes, but not showing them how they can make those changes. I don’t want to become a lonely expert, I want to give my knowledge to the people so they have the ability to work on their own futures, as understanding the future for the best should not be a privilege, it should be the norm.

3. TRULY BELIEVE I HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT. This one is actually hard for me to write down, as it feels so vulnerable to say it out loud. My goal is to no longer hide behind my insecurity or the fact that I am not even in business for that long. I create, I deliver and I satisfied a lot of customers last year, it is time that I truly start believing in my own value. So next year I want a project in every single continent on this planet. At the end of 2017 the whole trend world will know who I am and what I am capable of.

Of course these main goals are not the only thing I want to achieve this year, but without a doubt the biggest challenges. Feel free to join me on my journey to become a concept in the world of trends & innovation and therewith help this world and the people on it, into the future.

“What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”