I have a thing for the less fortunate, always have, always will. I can’t see them and not feel the urge to do something for them. At one point I was so committed to do good, I gave every homeless person money, to the point where I had to start worrying to become one of them. That phase is over now, I have a monthly limit to spend on charities now. Moreover, it becomes harder and harder to give some coins to a homeless person as with all these fintech developments, I hardly ever carry cash. That inconvenient seems to be covered now with a new pilot project recently introduced in Amsterdam.

The PINJAS is a World’s first experimental project whereby homeless citizens of Amsterdam receive a jacket with a build in contactless money withdrawing system. More and more people are losing cash for convenient innovations in financial scope, such as contactless, bitcoins and even more futuristic systems such as pay with your face or voice recognition are upcoming. Marvellous development regarding convenience if we are talking about people that have money, not such a great change for those who rely on a few coins from passengers. This jacket takes supporting those in need into current Zeitgeist.

With this jacket passengers can donate one euro onto a connected account of the homeless person wearing the jacket. That account is jointly controlled by charity organisation dedicated to help the less fortunate. The proceeds can only be spend on food,   care or a bed for the night, herewith the giver can be certain they are not stimulating unhealthy behaviour.

This lovely concept is developed by Carsten van Berkel & Stefan Leenderste from N=5 agency and supported by ABN Amro, a Dutch financial institute. The jacket is, as said before, still in a pilot phase and will be tested the upcoming months. If it tests positively the future perspective of this new concept will be big regarding long-term support of the less fortunate.

in the future we want to offer the possibility to give the user an personal account that they can also use  to save up money for education, deposits or other self-development costs”

The PINJAS, is an amazing example of social innovation, a product that truly increases the quality of life of not only its owner, but also the user. I was always so disappointed to see that my money wasn’t use for the best, now you can be sure the money is well spend. It is not only giving, but the vision behind it is all about betterment for the long term. In a time where we innovate, where we evolve and change we also have to admit that not all is flawless. We have to focus on those bettering our system to prevent some of dropping out it. It seems to be such a small and easy innovation, but in the core the shifting mindset behind it is huge.

Source: Parool