Have you never had that light bulb moment were you just knew you had the best idea ever, which would change the world for the better? You felt the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you knew this would be so impactful? Excitement without an ending, to then just wake up out of your daydream as you realized you have know idea who you need to make that idea come true…

It is very easy to say, “be the change you want to see in the world” and in the core that is definitely true, but wanting and knowing how are two different things. MonkeyTree Network aims to do exactly that; helping people to discover how they can be change makers by connecting ideas, challenges, projects and people. They believe everybody is a change maker and they want to be leading in making social change visible, relevant, tangible and easy accessible.

“Imagine how much faster ideas could spread, initiatives could grow and challenges would be solved if they would be made visible and connected to a social grid that involves ALL key players, – Ronja Gäwers – (Co-Founder of MonkeyTree)

MonkeyTree is determined to achieve two prospective goals namely; visualizing what is needed on one hand and showing what is already out there on the other hand so meaningful connections can be made.

According to MonkeyTree social change is everywhere, and I think they are right about that. Although that is a good starting point they are also convinced that there is a gap, namely connection. With their impact network they want to bridge that gap by creating an overview of what is already out there and how we can strengthen each other. They aim to do this by creating a platform that makes social change initiatives visible and therewith allows social change to grow organically.

“You know, when you go to your local pub and talk with your friends about everything that could be better, go differently, or should be solved? Well, we want to build the place where you can leave all those thoughts and actually know that there will be people reacting on it.”Sandrina Burkhardt – (Founder of MonkeyTree)

At the moment these two power ladies are crowdfunding their idea for the platform and hope that they can extend their core business with more change making features and tools in the future. I already supported them, and if you want to just check out their campaign then, they have some cool rewards I have to say.

For me this platform is so spot on our current zeitgeist of togetherness, more and more human beings realize we cannot do it alone. That we have to join forces to really have a chance of realizing betterment. Nowadays consumer wants to be involved, they want to feel that they have the power to make a change and actively work on a better tomorrow. This platform has all these elements and moreover, focusses on the bigger goal of a happier world.

Lastly a very big, standing ovation kind of, compliment to Yongbloed for catching and translating the vision of Monkey Tree into such an amazing visual feet. The guys worked on visualizing the crowdfunding campaign of this impactful project and I believe they did a stunning job. I might be a bit prejudiced as I am a big fan of their work, but just have a look yourself over here, and draw your own conclusion of course.

impact_mapSource: Indiegogo