It’s okay to be a little obsessed with the future. It is even better when that obsession turns into a passion, and that passion turns into an annual trend event where trend specialists, futurists and innovators from all over the world gather to work on a brighter future together. This event is called LaFutura and it takes place on November 15th 2016.

This year, for the first time in LaFutura’s history we cross Asian borders to alight in futuristic Singapore. A city that transformed into a start-up paradise in less than five years. One might think its strategic position is to thank for this, it is not without reason this independent state is being called the entrance door of Asia, others believe founder-friendly laws and regulations are the main reason. Without a doubt more than enough reason to bring LaFutura all the way to Singapore.

Our focus this year is to look into trends from a wider perspective. We tend to signalize societal movement from within our own bubble, but it would be naïve to think that this is the only perspective there is. At LaFutura 2016 we are bringing trends from all over the world together to discover similarities, but more important, to learn from our differences regarding our changing Zeitgeist. How can we learn from each other?

How can we merge all of our bubbles together so we become able to step out of our boxes and form a World proof future vision?

To answer these questions, we composited a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary program where we explore, discover and capture the World’s always changing attitude, to then learn from it. Starting with our Trend Journey through Singapore, where we will experience trends and innovations in a tangible format by visiting the latest new start-ups and inspirational concepts this Hub holds.

Thereafter, our main event, the LaFutura Conference will take place. A conference where attends can listen to several keynotes regarding World Wide trends from a.o. B-Side AseanWhat’s Next Consulting or WIRED Germany. To then flow into numerous different workshops with subjects such as “innovation mind shift” or “social trend value” and finally finish the day with celebratory drinks. Be sure to check out the full program here.

For the diehard future interested there is a final opportunity to meet and mingle at the two day Tech in Asia conference in Jakarta where over 5.500 start-ups, investors, corporates, and developers come together.

Which such a rousing program, we are convinced this LaFutura is going to be one to remember. Moreover, we are outrageously excited for this journey into the joint future and we hope to see you all there, because only together we can work on that brighter Future.

The LaFutura ’16 Team

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