You are supposed to always have a plan B, but when it comes to our world we tend to forget there is no such things as a PLANet B. Although we like to believe that we are changing our attitude regarding our environmental behaviour, there is still a lot to gain. Moreover, convenience and comfort are still easily chosen over environmentally better but more labour intensive options.

Due to this attitude, we still see a lot of innovations that try to support to a better world, for example AIR INK. This paint by Graviky Labs, made from contaminated air, is trying to fight air pollution in the most arty way there is.

We are burning fossil fuels for over 150 years now and one of the by-products of this process is Soot, which is highly contaminated. For example; Soot is one of the silent causers of death amongst prematures, causes over 300.000 asthma attacks and contributes to about 2 million sick days in the working environment.

With this information in their minds Graviky Labs wanted to develop a product that would make sure this Soot wouldn’t end up in the lungs of human beings, that is when they came up with AIR INK. A product line of pens, oil-based paints and spray paints where each product has pigments of polluted soot inside of it.

 “I thought, artists create their work through smudging, marks, ink and paint. How do we tackle this air pollution problem creatively, like an artist would? What if we used art as a way to repurpose this carbon soot?” – founder Anirudh Sharma

So to turn carbon Soot into paint the soot is first captured straight from car’s exhaust pipes. After that it undergoes a purification process that removes the remaining materials and then combined with other materials to turn into a durable paint.

In cooperation with Tiger Beer, the first paint was tested in heavily polluted Hong Kong and turned empty walls into murals that cheered up the city. A little step which could lead to great miles.

Although founder Sharma is still very modest about the impact of AIR INK on a better world, I think it’s these little innovations that will make a big change in the end. Perfectly fitting our purpose economy this ink is clearly bringing a added value to the market in the form of reducing air pollution. Moreover, it is reviewing the purpose of products and materials by turning it into meaningful goods that contribute to our environment.

160728112628-air-ink-caratoes-super-169 160727101518-air-ink-super-169Source: Air Ink
As seen at: CNN

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