You must know by now that I have sort of a little crush on the world. I know, my bed is in the Netherlands, but if you would count the days I am in it, I think it will be a close call. It is just that I am in constant need of new inspiration and I always say yes to new adventures. For me that is discovering the world, see what is out there, find new perspectives. I hope that is what makes me a good trend expert.

Although this wanderlust is not only reserved for trend- & innovation specialists, I dare say that this background helps to find the cool of new places. Cool things are there to share, so that is why I got involved with The Trend-Journey, a cooperation from TrendONE and Klubhaus.

Experience trends live, a world full of inspiration”

The main goal of the Trend-Journeys is to see the world from another perspective, to be inspired and to develop new ideas for your own business. Although the word “trends” is still an intangible concept for many, The Trend-Journey brings you to there where trends are touchable. They show you the coolest new concepts of a city, bring you in touch with local innovators and combine this all, with an insight full trend talk and an Action Jam where you will get to work.

For now the The Trend-Journey is being offered in twelve different cities, from London to New York and from Vienna to Singapur. I am the lucky ray of Sunshine that is the Trend Expert for the city of Amsterdam and Barcelona, so if you want to see me in Action the next opportunity will be the 13th of October in Amsterdam. You can book your seat right over here.

We already had our first very succesfull personalized Trend Journey in the City of Rotterdam last June, where we guided a crowd of very enthusiastic retail tycoons around on bikes to get inspired by cross-sectoral innovations. Also my first tour that I guided, and it was an absolute blast.

If you want to get inspired, if you want to travel within new perspectives and if you want to give your enterprise an innovation boost, then I hope to see you on one of your travels soon.

kachel-produkte-the-trend-journey Schermafbeelding 2016-08-11 om 09.53.10 TrendJourney_Start2 TrendJourney_Start4Source; The Trend-Journey