Those who still do not know what AirBnB is, must have been living under a stone for the last, say, four years now. It might be one of the most disruptive new concepts from the last few years, so the fact that this enterprise is being used as an inspiration for new ideas can’t come as a surprise.

We sell, we rent and now we also share. From houses, to cars, and from left over food till gardening tools. Shortly said, we are becoming more social again, and in this world that is a good thing. When taking about social, one thing that always pops up in my mind is food, food for me is one of the most social tools want can use to connect. That must be one of the drivers behind the new concept AirDnD.

AirDnD turns every hobbychef into a star chef, and every living room into a pop-up restaurant for the night. The same as AirBnB you can just search in the city of your liking and see if there are any hobbychefs offering their culinairy art for a affordable price. When you see anything you like you book a seat and the fun can begin.

The main goal of this ambitious group of young entrepreneurs is to make the passion and qualities of hobbychefs available for all those who love going out for good food in a sociable environment.

Although there is a lot of fuss about AirBnBand AirBnB inspired concepts, I actually really like them. Therefor for me AirDnD is the embodiment of social connectionbut also about releasing your inner artist. We should do what we love, live our passion and not continuesly adapt to the system. With AirDnD hobbychefs get a chance to share their passion for the good and that I can only applaud, because for me that is the ultimate form of togetherness. 

The concept was already launched end of 2015, but as you know, sometimes ideas need some incubation time. But morever, because I really like the underlying mentality chances of AirDnD, I figured it still deserves a spot on WtF. So who wants to AirDnD with me?