As a young independent professional I don’t feel safe yet to get my own office. Moreover, I do not even know if I ever want that as I am always on the go and love to work in different places as I believe this increases my efficiency and creativity. Although there is more and more understanding for flex workers, finding a space is not always easy and cheap, definitely in the big cities.

When I am talking about the big cities, I’m talking about the big cities in the Netherlands, but what do you think about New York. There is this finding of a flexible and remote work space an even bigger problem. People do not want to sit in a coffee place with lousy internet that makes you order a new drink every 30 minutes. They want the atmosphere of that coffee place with the facilities of an office for a reasonable price.

That is exactly what SPACIOUS understood when coming up with their new concept that turns night-only restaurants in New York City into daily remote working offices. SPACIOUS see themselves as the “boutique hotel” amongst the remote co-working spaces.

They therefor partnered with extraordinary restaurants in the city that are closed until 5pm of later. Install their fast and reliable WIFI for the day, bring in their boutique coffee, additional power ports and trained host staff and an office for the day is born.

“Spacious environments have the people, ambience, and soundtracks that make traditional office space feel obsolete.” – Angela Pham-

If you consider what renting spaces in New York cost, the montly subscription for 95, that gives you access to all Spacious spaces across New York , then that is really absolutely nothing.  Not sure if you want a subscription, although you can cancel it on a monthly base, then you can also get a day ticket for 29 dollar which is considerly more expensive.

I think SPACIOUS is such a brilliant innovation as it answers to so many issues of current Zeitgeist. It not only empowers remote workers pursue their lifestyle regarding the future of work, it also reviews the functionality of empty spaces. Herewith it supports the reallocating of city space, which I think is a great thing in a time were space is scare. Moreover, in a time where being an independent professional because more regular, places where you can meet other professionals are in high demand.

For now SPACIOUS is only availabe in NYC, but soon it will open in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London as well.
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spacious-12spaciousSource: SPACIOUS
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