I have an allergy, I have actually more than one, but in this case only that one allergy applies to what I want to share with you today. My allergy is a serious condition of “fear of commitment”, in this case for subscriptions. I get an instant case of recalcitrantcy if a brand, company or institute wants to bind me for the long haul.

Last Thursday I visited Venture Cafe Rotterdam again, and on the progam was the “Rotterdamse Studentenvereniging OndernemersPrijs”. The award show for the best startup founded be a member of Rotterdam’s fraternities and sororities. The winner of the evening had the perfect cure for my allergy, namely THE FITTERY.

Lately almost everybody is under the spell of the so called fit movements. We workout like crazy to get in shape, but most gyms, yogaschools or any other form of sports are mostly offering subscription based packages. These subscriptions often feel very expensive, moreover if you do not use them you are throwing money away.

THE FITTERY on the other hand is an online platform that connects workout enthusiasts with trainers without having to subscribe to anything. Their motto, “helping people customize their life” fits their goal of helping people get fit where and when it suits them best. By not commiting to a long-term subscription people have the opportunity for more flexibility and diversity in their choices regarding working out.

On the other hand is this platform an opportunity for, especially small businesses, to get some extra exposure and to fill up empty spots, so that makes it a win-win construction. They don’t even have to pay for being on the platform, which makes it feel like an honest trade if you ask me.

What I love about THE FITTERY. is that it gives the power to the consumer, by making use of a lean design approach. By searching for an issues amongst consumers and then solve it, so you can really be sure, consumers want your product. Secondly I believe this platform fits our liquid society perfectly, as it gives us the opportunity to slide from one activity in to another without having to commit. Lastly, bringing this principle of being ultimate free, to a very popular market segment is a hit.


surfer-blackwhite-1024x683 sportstel-blackwhite-1024x683Source: THE FITTERY.